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After the War dispensation was made to the Japanese to deface the Royal Chrysanthemum as this was the Emperor’s Imperial sign. As a consequence of this most Arisaka’s are found with defaced or ground “Chrysanthemum’s This rifle was originally issued with “aircraft wings” on the rear sight to shoot the rifle at aircraft but these were often removed as being totally impracticable although this rifle still retains the “aircraft wings” which were calibrated 1 – 3 to represent the speed of an aircraft up to 300 kmh. The rifle has a good shooting bore which is chrome lined as are all the earlier rifles
The rifle stock was made in 2 pieces and on most of the later type 99’s and 38’s unseasoned wood was used but this rifle was made at the height of the Japanese military might and workmanship and materials were excellent so there is no huge separation crack to be seen on the butt. The stock is generally in decent shape as can be seen from the photographs but there are the usual handling marks.
Decent Arisaka’s are becoming difficult to source as there is now an insatiable demand in the USA to collect and shoot them and several excellent books published in recent years have increased interest in them. All Arisaka’s are well made including the erroneously named “last ditch” rifles that were made without many of the earlier refinements and this one is a good example and still maintains the bolt cover which was usually throw away as it was too noisy especially as the japanese used to like creeping up on there also has the original cleaning rod which again usually got lost.

overall this is a decent arisaka and has also been reproofed so safe to shoot.

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